Like liquid steel the feminine archetypes are stark realities draped across often lethargic backgrounds. They feel piercing, puncturing the foreground and foundation on which they’ve unexpectedly stumbled. One gets the sense that Carbone has been given a Rorschach test and answered all the questions with feminine charm and a straight razor. The contrast, like our dreams, seem sharp and yet sheer. There is almost something preternatural on the page. Terror and sexuality transcend a steady dose of darkness and depth.

I Paint my mind

“Noumeda Carbone renders intricate dreamlike representations of rules, traditions, instability, and loneliness in her work. 

Saatchi Art

Noumeda Carbone is Parisian artist and freelance illustrator based in Florence, Italy. Her illustration are surreal, darkly, dreamlike and elegant.

Vogue Italy

Born in Paris and raised in Florence, Noumeda Carbone is an internationally renowned artist and illustrator. Her visionary, surreal, intimate and detailed style has led her to be named among the 200 best illustrators in the world.

Florence Made in Tuscany

Noumeda’s work brings you chaos and new birth before the end of a long night. Hopes for people, as well as for the Nature, may be once again in a full bloom at the first light of the breaking dawn.

Cacao Magazine

Noumeda has created work for publications such as #Vogue, Glamour and Rolling Stone Magazine and a hoard of other high profile collaborations and prestigious awards are crammed into her impressive CV.


...Her illustrations are characterized by an original and very refined style. Her works take on a dreamlike tone, dark, surreal, sometimes glamorous and sensual. Noumeda particularly loves working with ink and markers, although experimenting with different media.

Patterprints Journal

Her illustrations are dreamlike and surreal, often carrying a bizarre feeling of being stuck in the ghostly world. An invasive and consuming sense of discomfort is a starting point from which her creativity springs. Then she tries to focus on the details she needs to give the right sense to the works. Carbone puts her emotions in her works: fragility, isolation, weakness.


“In awarding Noumeda Carbone the Illustration prize of Art Takes London, we knew she was an amazing talent. Capturing a world that’s fantastical, surreal, elegant and slightly spooky, Carbone’s works in ink, pigment and pen excite us for what’s to come next in her career. Turns out Vogue noticed her talent, too.

Artist Wanted