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'Another song is born'. Original hand drawing on postcard sized paper

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Start your own art collection of original drawings

When you have 'Another song is born' on your hands you can feel the fragility of this small piece of art.

Effortlessly, you can see to grow the little flower from the naked woman's shoulder and you can listen to the tiniest, softest sound trying to become a vibrant song for the soul.


This one of a kind original artwork is a creative and unique way to send a visual poem to your family and friends or to start your own collection of art.



Save handicraft from deformation, water, fire, and direct sun rays.

    The Fabriano postcards are machine-made with 25% cotton content, measure 4" × 6" with a pre-printed postcard back, and feature a 140 lb (300 gsm), acid-free, cold press surface that is ideal for ink and watercolors.


    1-3 working days.


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