[Limited edition art print] - Noumeda Carbone Art
[Limited edition art print] - Noumeda Carbone Art
[Limited edition art print] - Noumeda Carbone Art

Knowledge. Ink drawing on quality paper. One of a kind item.

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"Like liquid steel the feminine archetypes are stark realities draped across often lethargic backgrounds.

They feel piercing, puncturing the foreground and foundation on which they’ve unexpectedly stumbled. One gets the sense that Carbone has been given a Rorschach test and answered all the questions with feminine charm and a straight razor.

The contrast, like our dreams, seem sharp and yet sheer. There is almost something preternatural on her work.

Terror and sexuality transcend a steady dose of darkness and depth."

Words by IPaintMyMind


'Knowledge' belongs in the series of my surreal hand drawings on paper.

This black and white dreamlike and full of details drawing is a one a kind piece.

Is realized with ink and pigment liner on 100% acid-free 300 gr cotton satin paper.

Its dimensions are 24x32 cm (9.4x12.6 in) 

Urban Intimacy. London, 2015. 
79 Rosso Gallery. Florence, Italy, 2017. 


1-3 working days.


Save handicraft from deformation, water, fire, and direct sun rays.

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